“I’m pleased to highly recommend Audio Visions to anyone who wants unsurpassed quality and expertise in the fields of home theater, home audio and home control systems. Audio Visions constructed a complete home theater with Control 4 as part of a major renovation that was undertaken by me in 2009.
For me, not being a tech savvy, I was intimidated by the prospect of selecting an audio visual company to do my home theater project. Other than knowing that we wanted a home theater and having a budget in mind, I really embarked upon the process somewhat unprepared. I did as much research as I could and spoke to others that had gone through the process before me.
Stefon Torres, the owner of Audio Visions, met my wife and I at his showroom and demonstrated the many options in design and equipment.
We were impressed with Stefon’s knowledge of theater systems and the quality of his presentation in the showroom. His professionalism and sophistication in helping us understand what we were trying to accomplish in designing a home theater and doing so within our budget parameters was on another level from his competitors.
During the construction phase, the Audio Visions team of Spanky and Brandon were professional, neat, conscientious and routinely checking in with us to ensure our complete satisfaction every step of the way. At the completion of the project, the team spend many hours ensuring our thorough understanding of and comfort with using the system. By the time “they handed us the keys” my wife, our kids and I were very conversant in fully utilizing our new home theater and Control 4 system. And from the beginning, whenever a little glitch would arise (which has been infrequent), the Audio Visions team was as close as our phone. They would either walk us through or make a service call to promptly get the issue resolved.
Our home theater is now the “crown jewel” of our renovation and family favorite for our entertainment. The room is not only beautiful to look at, but its functional to use and enjoy and the equipment has performed flawlessly. Stefon and his team were professional and competent every step of the way and they continue to be so. It is for that reason that I give Audio Visions my highest endorsement.”

Jim Wilde
Baton Rouge

“Stefon, Congratulations on 20 years in business. You, Spanky and Brandon have worked hard in bringing excellent products to your clients. Audio Visions has installed extensive Audio Visual systems at ISC Constructors, as well as our home. The Control 4 system that you installed in our home is a great product. Linda and I appreciate how well Spanky and Brandon have worked with Linda on maintaining the system. Even when we are out of town, we trust them to take care of any issues or changes that need to be addressed. I wish you continued success in satisfying your clients.”

Eddie Rispone
A client that has become a friend of you guys.
Baton Rouge

“We hired Audio Visions a couple years ago, to help us out of a mess. Our previous service provider had done a terrible job and left us in a bind. We were basically in a brand new house, had spent considerable funds for a home operating system, and had nothing, literally nothing, to show for it. We searched for a Control 4 dealer, and found Audio Visions. Brandon and Spanky showed up at our home and did a great job of explaining my problem and my options.
We came up with a solution that has worked well for us. We just suffered a lightning strike and are working with Audio Visions to repair and upgrade our system.
All that has been great, but it is not the best thing about Brandon, Spanky and Stefon. I know virtually nothing about the technicalities, although I pretend to understand some of what they tell me. I do however trust them, their ability and their character. That’s what matters to me.”

Marcel Bulliard
Lafayette La.

“I hired Audio Visions in 2009 to construct a theatre room from scratch , install security cameras , and do a whole house system. We discussed the system in a very detailed way , came up with a budget and they were very diligent in keeping within this budget. They also were diligent in keeping within the agreed time frame. The Control 4 System worked as advertised and I have been very happy with the system. Over the years I have upgraded parts of the system as technology changed ( I control everything through my iPad now including tv, security cameras, music, lights, ceiling fans and thermostats) and upgraded the DVD player. I also had a lightning strike and it caused some issues. Spanky and Brandon have been very responsive over the years and come out quickly whenever we need them. I have found them to be very trustworthy and I would heartily recommend Audio Visions to anyone based on this feeling of trust , plus their high level of competence and the great results of the Control 4 system.”

Kevin Kelty
Baton Rouge